3 Ways To Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software

In many other tricks and tutorials to downloads the Facebook videos with many other plugins or software. After playing with dozens of plugins/extensions, I decided to find some other way of downloading Facebook videos, because none of the plugin  was willing to work. May be Facebook changed its API after all those plugins were developed. They have some issue in it and not operates well in the all situations to download any video from Facebook. 
People share videos on Facebook, and there will be many videos you come across that you will love and want to keep for offline viewing. Downloading them makes all of that possible.In this trick i will tell you how to download any video from Facebook without any other third party software. Finally I have three working ways of downloading any video on Facebook.
1: Download Facebook Videos With Downvids
Downvids is another web service that allows you to download any Facebook video you want by pasting the Facebook video URL to its Homepage.
Click the download button.
Once the applications completes fetching the video and creates the download link, you will be shown the download links for the video. You can also select the quality of the video you want to download.

2: Download Facebook Videos By Changing The URL
Facebook videoz is a free service that allows you to download Facebook videos by just adding videoz after facebook in the URL of any Facebook video.
 This will help you to download any video at any time in your Pc or Cell Phones.
NOTE Don’t forget to change the "https" to "http" 
  • Open any video on Facebook.
  • In the URL, change… with…
  • Scroll down and click the download link.

3. Download Facebook Videos Manually
The original URL of the Facebook video is revealed once you play the video on a mobile device. Since we can open the Facebook’s mobile version on our desktop browser, we can download videos using this trick.

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you can also change url by changing\\...