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10 Secrets Of Window 7

10 Secrets Of Window 7

Hi, in this article am gonna tell you about window 7 top 10 secrets that your don't know.
Window 7 become a most popular OS because of its simpleness and user friendly. although you are using this OS but there are many things or secrets which you don't know. I have tried to show some important and useful tips of window 7, hope you enjoy it.

1: Change the background of windows media player:

 Go to Run and type “Regedit”, It will open a registry editor.
 Locate this key in registry editor
 Double click on the key LibraryBackgroundImage and enter a value between 0 to 6 (each number represents a background).

2: Move open windows:

If we press windows logo key + arrow key, then we will see the hover window is moving in the different sides according to the pressed arrow key.
We can also minimize our opened hover window by pressing windows logo key + two times down arrow key.

3:Windows 7 trick to access hidden themes: 

Windows 7 doesn’t come bundled with a huge set of themes with it, so here is a simple windows 7 trick by which we can use windows 7 themes which aren’t made for us.
Just type C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT in the search box of start button and press enter.
You will see some folders of themes which are made for other countries like USA and Canada.

4:Install windows 7 on netbook with a pendrive or flash drive:

To install windows 7 on a net book with a pen drive, Take a 4GB pen drive and format it with FAT32 file system, Then just copy an ISO image to the pendrive by xcopy d:\ e:\ /d /e (where d: is the DVD drive which contains windows cd in it and e: is the pen drive location). It will create a bootable pen drive by which you can easily install windows 7 on netbook.
5:Zoom in and Zoom out in an easy way:

Windows 7 made accessing of magnifier lot more easier than its predecessor, to zoom in press windows key and + and to zoom out press windows key and -

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