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Make bootable USB In CMD

how to make a bootable USB with the help of CMD.You can Make Bootable USB of Windows 7/windows 8 by Command prompt. Follow these simple steps.. 
>Insert your Pen drive and press the start button.
>Type cmd and right click on it and start this with administrator right.
>Now on the command prompt, type the following commands
List disk
// List disk command will generate the list of Disk connected to your computer like Hard disk and USB disk. This will be like in figure.
After this
->Select disk 1 // in my case USB it is as disk 1
->Create partition primary
->Format fs=ntfs quick // Format File system=NTFS quick(don’t use Quick for deep format, just use format fs=ntfs)
Now copy all the files of Bootable CD to pendrive.
Just reboot your computer, enter in BIOS setup and select boot device priority as
* Network (Other)
And Tap [F10] to save and Exit.

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